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17 . Global Freight Service (GFS)

Global Freight Service (GFS) is a kind of shipping method,  Only for United Kingdom. The following are the details about it.  

         1) The shipping fee is much lower;

         2) The total time from China to your home is about 45~60 working days;

         3) Door to door service;

         4) We are responsible for import VAT/Duty.


 1) Only $10 for first 3KG, and $2.50/KG for order over 3KG. Please click here to view the fee:

 2) Valid From Jun. 21st, ~ Jul.20th, 2019;

 3) Order is scheduled to be sent out in Early Jul. 2019 from China. You may get it in Late Aug. 2019;  


If you don’t need the product so urgently, GFS can save much for you.
But If you need breakdown invoice with import VAT/duty, please do not use this service.

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